Leo Kottke
Den Haag, Netherlands
March 22, 2000

CD-R2 - Aud 5

Approzimate Set List (Not Necessarily a Track List)

Disc 1:

1. Intro
2. Jack Fig
3. June Bug
4. Pamela Brown
5. "I Fell Asleep..."
6. Snorkel
7. "Pee Wee Russell"
8. Even His Feet Looked Sad
9. Rings
10. "Christmas Record"
11. Accordion Bells
12. Oddball
13. William Powell
14. "John Hurt"
15. Corrina, Corrina
16. "Sam Chapman"
17. Everybody Lies
18. "Pete Seeger"
19. Living in the Country

Disc 2:

1. Standing in my Shoes
2. Across the Street
3. Cripple Creek
4. "It Came to Him in a Dream"
5. Little Martha
6. "Tuning"
7. Eight Miles High
8. Too Fast
9. "Depressed"
10. Louise
11. "Mozart's Dad"
12. Morning is a Long Way From Home
13. "Must Be a Great Tune"
14. Mona Ray

Geetarz Comments:

It's Kottke ... duh!

I'll add one even Leo wouldn't likely touch ...

Q: If he were alive today, what would Mozart be doing?

A: Clawing desperately at the inside of his coffin!


Unknown Aud > CD-R > EAC v. 0.99 Prebeta 4 (Secure, Offset Correct) > FLAC (8) > You !

Front cover, EAC extraction logs, info file, and checksums included.

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