Dublin, Ireland - (National Stadium)
March 18, 1972

1. So Long, Marianne
2. Bird On The Wire
3. Lady Midnight
4. Kevin Barry
5. One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong
6. The Stranger Song - solo
7. Sing Another Song, Boys
8. The Partisan
9. Passin' Through
10. Joan Of Arc
11. Famous Blue Raincoat
12. Suzanne
13. Story Of Isaac
14. Come Down To My Room (poem)
15. Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye
16. Sisters Of Mercy
17. As Time Goes By


Audience recording probably copied from tape to hard disk. I got this concert from a fellow trader who didn't have any information on linage and musicians. So I cannot provide that information either

Cut@paste with Audition and Wavelab. Uploaded with Traders Little Helper.

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