Wien, Österreich - (Konzerthaus)
April 10, 1972

1st set:
1. Bird On The Wire
2. So Long, Marianne
3. The Stranger Song - solo
4. Intro to One of us cannot be wrong
5. One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong
6. You Know Who I Am
7. Joan Of Arc
8. Avalanche - solo
9. Sing Another Song, Boys
10. The Partisan
11. Famous Blue Raincoat
12. Lady Midnight
13. Hey That's No Way To Say Goodbye
14. Suzanne

2nd set:

15. Chelsea Hotel [#1]
16. Story Of Isaac
17. Intro to Tonight Will Be Fine
18. Tonight Will Be Fine
19. Intro to So Long, Marianne (2)
20. So Long, Marianne (2)
21. Kevin Barry
22. Tonight Will Be Fine (2)

source: audience
length: 110 minutes (complete)

The quality of this recording is very very bad. It is almost a crime to provide this concert. Only for die hard fans

Copied from tape to hard disk. Cut&Paste with Audition and Wavelab
Uploaded with Traders Little Helper.

Have fun (and please, share!!!!)