Leonard Cohen
5 November 1980
Rhein-Neckar-Halle, Eppelheim, West Germany


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TT: 127:27.00

Set One:
01. [6:21.72] Bird on the Wire
02. [4:14.10] Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye
03. [5:58.73] Who by Fire
04. [5:18.56] Passin' Through (trad./Rob Blakeslee)
05. [6:09.01] The Window
06. [6:58.48] Diamonds in the Mine (incl. a false start)
07. [6:39.16] The Guests
08. [4:57.30] Suzanne
--- tape cut ---

Set Two:
09. [7:03.43] The Stranger Song
10. [6:22.61] Chelsea Hotel #2
11. [3:42.66] The Partisan (Anna Marly/Hy Zaret)
12. [3:43.26] Story of Isaac
13. [5:55.28] Lover, Lover, Lover
14. [5:49.30] The Gypsy's Wife
15. [6:38.68] To Love Somebody (Barry Gibb/Robin Gibb)
16. [5:47.34] Famous Blue Raincoat
17. [5:31.61] Sisters of Mercy
18. [6:04.47] Memories (Leonard Cohen/Phil Spector)
--- tape cut ---

Encore #1:
19. [3:50.31] Lady Midnight
--- tape cut ---

Encore #2:
20. [6:13.18] //There//Is a War
--- tape cut ---

Encore #3:
21. [7:53.06] I Tried to Leave You
--- tape cut ---

Encore #4:
22. [6:12.00] So Long, Marianne

t9-10 Leonard Cohen solo.

Complete show.


t10 [4:57-4:59] loud PA static (over "we are ugly").


The band is:

Leonard Cohen - vocals, acoustic guitar, hand whistle (4)

Mitchell Watkins - guitar
Roscoe Beck - bass
Steve Meador - drums
Bill Ginn - keyboards
Raffi Hakopian - violin
John Bilezikijan - oud
Paul Ostermeyer - brass
Sharon Robinson - vocals



Raffi Hakopian on the violin!

***after WHO BY FIRE:
John Bilezikijan on the oud. John Bilezikijan!

Mitch Watkins on guitar. Mitch Watkins!

***after THE WINDOW:
Sharon Robinson on vocals! ???????? ???????.

I'd like to dedicate this next song to the new President of the United States. [audience boos]. We wish him well. He's got a hard job. Gotta take care of all of us.
[LC sings:] "I think I told you all about it..." G-d, wait a second... That's a wrong song for him.
???????? my songs, the song is the wrong key. ??????. I have to collect my thoughts. I have to aim my mind--what's left of it--toward that gleaming white dome of Washington. Here it goes.

Steve Meador on the drums. Mitch Watkins on guitar.

***after THE GUESTS:
Thank you very much. We'd like to play one more song and then we'll take a break and come back and play more songs.

???????. ???????.

***before CHELSEA HOTEL #2:
[female heckler:] Master Song!!
LC: Ordnung! How about this one? -
There was a street in New York City called 23rd St. I'm sorry that's how it was called. And on this street there was a hotel. Feels quite glamorous when I look back on it, but its very climate was very dismal. You know I would go from The Automat to the Bronco Burger, or from the Bronco Burger to The Automat. Back to the hotel. Go to the Bronco Burger or The Automat back to the Bronco Burger, go to the Automat. It was not an exalted distance. ??? (tall, tall?) dismal prayer(?), except for one evening which was illuminated by a particular woman who was in the elevator and right in the elevator was some divine cosmic ?????. Mercy! There was a very beautiful young woman in the elevator. I think time was ???. Then she was a very great American singer. I didn't know that at the time. And she wasn't looking for me. I wasn't looking for her. She was looking for Kris Kristofferson. And I was looking for... Ah, I'd never get wise on the matter... ???????? through some divine... [off mike:?] ??????? ????? that's complaining. [somebody in the audience goes "Eeeeeeh!" for the empteenth time] Who is that doing this?
Anyhow, it turned out this young woman was Janis Joplin at the Chelsea Hotel. I wrote this song for her.

John Bilezikijan on the oud. Ooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuddd. John Bilezikijan.

***after THE GYPSY'S WIFE:
Roscoe Beck on the bass!

Bill Ginn on the keys!

***during MEMORIES:
??????????????????????????????? star right across my cheek. There it is! Stitches cannot heal it. Time cannot erase it away. Oh, that scar that I've received from her eye it will not, not go! And even when I stand on the ???????????????? all my shabby ????????????????? gather around me like a velvet rope. I know that I lost my scar. There is ????? of her most immaculate beauty... And so... since there is nothing else to say, I say thank you, thank you, and good night!

***before LADY MIDNIGHT:
Thank you very much. Thank you for... Yeah, I wanna thank you not just for tonight, but for all the years you've paid attention to my work and ?????? (drawn in the applause) Thank you.

***after THERE IS A WAR:
Ah, thank you very much for your extreme warmth and hospitality, you know, that's... Pardon?
Okay, okay, okay. A terrible mistake has been made. Put the lights up! Put the lights up!
That was close, very ??? close. Well, put the lights OUT! That's better now.

Sharon Robinson! Paul Ostermeyer! Mitch Watkins! Bill Ginn! Raffi Hakopian!


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