Leonard Cohen
24 March 1985
Teatro Orfeo, Milan, Italy
Evening show


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TT: 110:45.00

Set One:
01. [7:33.74] Bird on the Wire (1)
---tape cut---
02. [5:04.61] The Law
---tape cut---
03. [3:36.29] //Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye
04. [4:27.12] Who by Fire
05. [4:39.70] Sisters of Mercy
06. [4:44.74] There Is a War
07. [5:10.14] Dance Me to the End of Love
08. [5:17.50] Night Comes on
09. [4:11.62] The Partisan (Anna Marly/Hy Zaret)
10. [1:19.47] Hallelujah//
---tape cut---

Set Two:
11. [4:11.38] Avalanche
12. [4:20.72] Chelsea Hotel #2
13. [5:25.66] The Stranger Song
---tape cut---
14. [5:04.59] Story of Isaac
15. [5:10.38] Famous Blue Raincoat
16. [5:33.23] Lover, Lover, Lover
---tape cut---
17. [4:07.23] Tennessee Waltz (Pee Wee King/Redd Stewart/Leonard Cohen)
---tape cut---
18. [5:22.57] Memories (Leonard Cohen/Phil Spector)
---tape cut---

19. [4:43.22] Suzanne
20. [3:40.48] If It Be Your Will
---tape cut---
21. [4:09.66] //Passin' Through (Richard Blakesley, arr. Leonard Cohen)
22. [5:36.30] So Long, Marianne
---tape cut---
23. [7:11.15] Bird on the Wire (2)

11-13 Leonard Cohen solo.
Complete show.


The band is:

Leonard Cohen - vocals, acoustic guitar
Anjani Thomas - vocals, keyboards

Mitchell Watkins - guitars, keyboards, back-up vocals
Ron Getman - guitars, pedal steel, back-up vocals
John Crowder - bass, back-up vocals
Richard Crooks - drums



Thank you very much, friends. This is first time we ever play in Italy and it's the last concert of a very long tour. And I don't know whether we'll see each other again, so we're gonna play everything we have .... these songs.

***before NIGHT COMES ON:
This is another new song called, 'The Night COmes on'.

***before THE PARTISAN:
Thank you very much, friends. We've just come back from playing a number of concerts in Poland and I want to dedicate this next song to the resistance that is alive and brave and courageous in Poland.

***before HALLELUJAH:
This is another new song; It's called, 'Hallelujah'. If I... you know it? Sing it? You don't know? We'll sing it anyway.

***before CHELSEA HOTEL #2:
Every time I give a concert I sing this song I dedicated to a young woman I met in an elevator of a hotel many years ago. After she'd died, I wrote this song for her, because... I started writing it for her in a bar at a Polynesian restaurant in Miami Beach. I guess I'll never see that bar again... I hope I never see it again. They served ... in coconut shells ... ... a napkin I wrote this song. It's for Janis Joplin in Chelsea Hotel.

This is a song that I learned when I was very young. I wrote a few extra words to it. A very old country & western song called, ".......".

***during MEMORIES:
On the slide guitar, Mr Ron Getman! On the bass, Mr John Crowder! On the drums, Mr Richard Crooks! On electric guitar, Mr Mitchell Watkins! On the keyboards, Anjani!

***before SUZANNE:
Okay. Thank you very much, friends.


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