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Great show...very similar to the 2010-12-02 show I attended at the same venue. I was sitting in section 112 row 23 seat 11 which is at the right bend. Sound was excellent again (soundman was Mark Vreeken). I had 2 strange characters to my left but they left during the intermission and never came back. Well behaved crowd. A few very minor talkers from on rare occasions including two older women behind me who questioned what I was doing just prior to the show starting as they obviously saw me reach into my bag and hit record. Guy in row directly in front of me one seat to the right (row 22 seat 12) regularly started clapping a second or two before anyone. I haven't listened to this yet but I'm sure the sound will be excellent. I don't think it will be as good as good as my 2010 capture but will still be formidable.

Again LC was full of energy, very gracious and humble. Dropping down to his knees regularly throughout the night and skipping off the stage each time he left. Lights were simple yet stunning exactly the same as last time. This was apparently the first show of the Canadian tour.

There were 2 sets. The first one was approx. 1:15 and the second one was approx. 1:45 with 2 encores. There were several standing ovations which really don't mean anything anymore. The crowd was an older crowd. Show started at exactly 20:15. First set was over at around 21:30 and the second set started at 21:55 ending at 23:40 ish. There was no opening band. This was officially my 300th concert of 2012!

Here's my post from G+
Another amazing show by *Leonard Cohen*. I couldn't think of a better way to hit my 300th show of the year.

I didn't have the best seat and I'm not a photographer so the photos aren't the greatest but the sound was amazing, thanks to the talents of veteran Sound Engineer, Mark Vreeken. This is my second audio capture of Leonard Cohen and it's a fantastic one once again! I'll put up a complete song as a sample forthwith.

Tonight's show in Vancouver was Leonard Cohen's first Canadian date of his _Old Ideas World Tour_. It was quite an event. He did 2 sets with the first one being 1 hour and 15 minutes and the second one being 1 hour and 45 minutes! Despite being 78 years old, Cohen is full of energy skipping away as he leaves the stage. His voice is in absolute fine form and his backing musicians are of the highest possible calibre.

There were several standing ovations and Cohen was called back for 2 encores.
Vancouver, BC -- Rogers Arena
2012-11-12 -- 180:21

Set one: (75:48)
01. -applause, talk-
02. Dance Me to the End of Love
03. -talk-
04. The Future
05. Bird on the Wire
06. Everybody Knows
07. Who by Fire
08. -tuning-
09. The Darkness
10. -talk-
11. Ain't No Cure for Love
12. Amen
13. Come Healing
14. In My Secret Life
15. A Thousand Kisses Deep
16. Anthem

Set two: (104:33)
17. -applause, talk-
18. Tower of Song
19. Suzanne
20. Joan of Arc
21. Waiting for the Miracle
22. Anyhow
23. Heart with No Companion
24. -talk-
25. Democracy
26. If It Be Your Will
27. Alexandra Leaving
28. I'm Your Man
29. Hallelujah
30. Take This Waltz
31. -encore applause-
32. So Long, Marianne
33. First We Take Manhattan
34. -encore applause-
35. -talk-
36. Famous Blue Raincoat
37. Going Home
38. Closing Time

t15: Leonard Cohen solo recitation
t16: with intro of band and crew
t26: Leonard Cohen - recited intro; Webb Sisters - lead vocals
t27: Leonard Cohen - recited intro; Sharon Robinson - lead vocals
t30: with band intro

Leonard Cohen - vocals, acoustic guitar, keys
Mitch Watkins - guitar
Roscoe Beck - bass, double bass
Rafael Bernardo Gayol - drums
Neil Larsen - keyboards, Hammond B3 organ
Alexandru Bublitchi - violin
Javier Mas - bandurria, laud, archilaud, guitar
Hattie Webb - vocals, harp
Charley Webb - vocals, clarinet
Sharon Robinson - vocals

No Artwork.

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