Les Claypool's Bastard Jazz
May 3, 2019
New Orleans, LA @ The Joy Theater - late show (actually the morning of 5/4/19)

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Recorded by Funk It Blog

01. // Improv
02. The Seven >
03. Improv
04. banter
05. Improv
06. Improv
07. Mr. Wright (with Sean Lennon)
08. banter
09. Improv
10. D's Diner

Les Claypool's Bastard Jazz:
Les Claypool - bass & vocals
Stanton Moore - drums
Skerik - tenor saxophone
Mike Dillon - vibraphones & percussion

Sean Lennnon - guitar & vocals

Notes: I got in at 3:10am and this is missing the first ~10 minutes of the performance. Les & Stanton had never played a full gig together, only Les sit-ins with Galactic and Garage-A-Trois over the years. OMG they were locked in like you've never heard before! (in Claypool's words they were "like locked at the spine.") This is the most fearless viking stomping improv bastard jazz you ever done heard! Recorded from the top row of the balcony, level with the speakers lining the ceiling.

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