artist: Leslie West
date: 28. Februar 1980
venue: Lone Star Cafe
city: New York
state: U.S.A.
source: Aud
gen: unknown

Tracklist total playtime 40:45

01.) Hall of a mountain king 6:11
02.) T2?? & Guitar solo 6:12
03.) 3rd Degree 10:13
04.) T4?? & Guitar solo 7:11
05.) Never in my life 3:32
06.) Imrovisation with riffs from several songs 2:21
07.) Mississippi Queen 5:02

Source: Aud/unknown gen

My notes:
Track 1 is very low in volume until 3:10 mark.
Track 6 contains part of 'Don't Look Around'.

Unknown drummer, bass player, (and singer on tracks 2 & 4.)
Possibly David Jaynes Band is backing Leslie on this show.

There is another show dated 1980-05-28 Cherry Hill, NJ with David Jaynes Band.
You can see part of it on youtube.

Interesting that Leslie played Hall of Mountain King back in 1980. He only recorded that track for 1989 Aligator CD.