October 1, 2016
New Orleans, LA @ Mardi Gras World - Bear Creek Bayou - Bayou Stage (large outdoor stage)

Recorded by Bryan Belay
Normalized and tracked by Funk It Blog

01. "New Intro"
02. Blaze
03. Last Suppit
04. Phyllis
05. Get Greasy
06. Improv? Intro > By Any Shmeeans Necessary (inc. Expensive Shit [Fela Kuti] with bassline from Asiko [Tony Allen])
07. "Neal Untitled"
08. Squadlive (with John Medeski)
09. Everybody Wants To Rule The World [Tears For Fears]
10. Do It Like You Do

Erick "Jesus" Coomes - bass
Adam Deitch - drums & percussion
Adam "Shmeeans" Smirnoff - guitar
Ryan Zoidis - saxophone & percussion
Eric "Benny" Bloom - trumpet & percussion
Neal Evans - organ & keyboards
Eric Krasno - guitar
Nigel Hall - keyboards & vocals

John Medeski - keyboards

These are unique shows with Neal & Nigel both having full keyboard rigs of their own (and Kraz is present, although he wasn't actively touring with them by 2013 or 2014). Nigel completely subbed for Neal a few times before this, namely 9/4/16 in Stratton, VT, and Jam Cruise in January of 2016, as well as on a fall 2016 run. Nigel officially replaced Neal by fall of 2017 and a new era was born.

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