Demos/live and unreleased tracks
Septem Mirabilia Vol III
Lindisfarne 70-20 50th Anniversary

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1. Blues for a Dying Season. Downtown Faction (Pre Brethren/Lindisfarne 1969) Unreleased Album Track
Jacka on vocal & harp,Rod bass, Ray drums,Jeff Sadler lead guitar, can't remember if Si was on it (Rod Clements)
2. We Can Swing Together. Alan Hull 1969
3. (Walking Down) The Road To Kingdom Come. Brethren (Demo Impulse Studios Wallsend 1969)
4. Where Is My Sixpence? Alan Hull Impulse Studios Wallsend 1969
5. From A Window Brethren (Demo Impulse Studios Wallsend 1969)
6. Obidiah's Grave. Alan Hull 1969
7. We Can Swing Together. Alan Hull & Brethren (live at the Rex Hotel Folk/Arts Club. 1969)

Alan Hull
Ray Jackson
Rod Clements
Si Cowe
Ray Laidlaw

The group began as The Downtown Faction in 1968, led by Rod Clements, then changed their name to Brethren. In 1969, they were joined by Alan Hull and in 1970 after an American band was also named Brethren became Lindisfarne.

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