Folk On One
Septem Mirabilia
BBC Sessions
Artwork Included
Quality B
Time:28 Minutes.

Lineage Trade>HD>Dime

Found on an old reel to reel tape

Alan Hull (vocals/guitar)
Ray Jackson (vocals/mandolin/harmonica)
Simon Cowe (vocals/guitar, mandolin)
Rod Clements (bass guitar)
Ray Laidlaw (drums)

1.Winter Song - Folk on One 6/3/71 Never heard this before.Not on the At The BBC CD Release.
2.January Song - Folk on One 6/3/71 Sounds like it was recorded the same time as above,the acoustic guitar sounds it was miked the same,different lyrics in there too.Not on the At The BBC CD Release.
3.Meet Me on the Corner (BBC Session) Bass drum sounds heavier and harmonica is over some verses.The bass drum does double kicks mid verse and before some choruses,where as it's straight on the official version. The harmonica especially at the end,doesn't sound like the finished version. Not on the At The BBC CD release.
4.Turn a Deaf Ear (BBC Session) Recorded the same day as above,bass drum sounds as loud.
Si's different lyrics to anything I've heard...Poster of Jimmy Dean see her any more,it's usually poster of Steve McQueen or Rabby Noakes.Not on the At The BBC CD Release.
Bonus Tracks
5. Lady Eleanor. Australian TV 1973 (some static on recording)
6. Fog On The Tyne. Watford UK 1972
7. Tonight. Charlton London UK 1974 (MKII Line up)

Thanks to Colin Harper.

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