Across The Border
Glenrothes Hall
Fife Scotland UK
Audience Recording
Artwork Included
Quality B+
Time:130 Mins.

Lineage TradeCDR>HD>Audacity>Dime.

Did a couple of cuts,checked pitch,raised the volume a tad,especially for
the spoken intros.Checked SBE's with Trader's Little Helper

Billy Mitchell-Vocals,Guitars,Harmonica
Rod Clements-Vocals,Guitars,Mandolin,Fiddle
Dave Hull Denholm-Vocals,Guitars
Ian Thomson-Bass
Ray Laidlaw-Drums

Disc One
1.When Jones Gets Back to Town
2.Why can't I be satisfied
4.100 Miles to Liverpool
7.Marshall Riley's Army
8.Poor Old Ireland
9.Train in G Major
10.Working My Way Back Home
12.Born At The Right Time
13.Meet Me On The Corner
14.Two Way Street
15.Stat & Lib intro
16.Statues and Liberties


1.Winter Song (slight cut,fades in)
3.Can't Do Right For Doing Wrong
4.January Song
5.Unmarked Car
6.Lady Eleanor
7.Ghost in Blue Suede Shoes
9.One Day
10.Road to Kingdom Come
12.Jubilee Corner
13.Any Way The Wind Blows
14.Run For Home
15.Devil Of The North
16.Fog On The Tyne (cut) fade out after 3 mins.

Recorded on the last day of their spring 2001 tour, at the Rothes Hall, Fife in Scotland, this double CD set captures the band in a state of "limbo". It was some three years since their last studio album, "Here Comes The Neighbourhood", and a year was still to pass before the release of "Promenade".
This was also the period when the band had been streamlined down to a five piece. With the departure (some nine months earlier) of Marty Craggs and his diverse range of musical instruments - gone now the saxophone, squeezebox, and flute; we were now left with a band more akin to the original Lindisfarne sound. The harmonica was still there, but as is evident from this recording, its playing was kept to a minimum as it had to be mastered by the remaining band members- and soon!
2001 also saw Rod and Dave taking a bigger share of the lead vocals. On disc one we have five tracks in succession divided between them - Rod singing "Refugees" is followed by Dave Hull-Denholm with "Marshall Riley's Army" and "Poor Old Ireland". Rod comes back with "Train In G Major", and also "Working My Way Back Home". Dave later concludes the first set with a great rendition of Alan Hull's "Statues & Liberties".
Disc two contains a menacing and extended "Unmarked Car"- over eight minutes; Billy taking care of the hecklers, and Rod , having done his homework for "Devil Of The North", mentions the devil putting the ball over the Cowdenbeath line.
For a disc that appears to be a true live show (i.e. not recorded from a media broadcast), the music quality is very good, although the dialogue quality does vary a little. Nice one for the collection.
Charles Orr

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