City Hall
Newcastle upon Tyne


And so this IS Christmas...

I have this theory that people aren’t living longer. It’s just the world is spinning increasingly faster & the years are getting shorter.

This one’s flashed by, and as I get older I find I seem to fit in less and less with what passes for “modern life”.

However, I’m not alone. Every year, about four-and-a-half thousand of us get together over the course of two nights in God’s Awn Haal seeking meaning and sanctuary. Happily, it’s Lindisfarne’s Christmas season come around again. Average age of attendees now 106.

I’ve been to a lot of these shows, although I’ll never go to too many. In many respects, it’s much the same format every year. Brass band welcoming us into the foyer, party hats, a local comedian as compère, a largely familiar setlist and “magic in the air” (with all proceeds from everything sold going towards the Future Fund

But then what’s wrong with that?

If anything, these shows are getting better and better. Following Simma’s introduction the band ease into the show with the atmospheric Lady Eleanor, capturing and captivating us all from the off. Pretty much all the bigger hits get an outing, along with refreshing takes on one or two less renowned tunes.

Alan Hull’s reflections on society still ring true today, and whilst the Christmas shows are a bit of an end of year knees-up, there are poignant reminders throughout of issues that remain unresolved almost half a century further down the line.

And so, whilst there’s always an unparalleled party spirit in the Hall there’s also a lot of substance, integrity and humanity underpinning proceedings, and that’s why so many people come back for “more of the same” year after year.

Next year the Band will tour to mark it’s 50th anniversary.

I know where I’ll be on the third weekend of December ‘20.

On the night, we were once again delighted to hear:

01 Lady Eleanor
02 Song For A Windmill
03Scarecrow Song
04 Alright On The Night
05 United States Of Mind
06 Sundown Station
07 Cardboard Christmas Boxes
08 Road To Kingdom Come
09 Walk A Crooked Mile
10 January Song


11 No Time To Lose
12 Alan In The River With Flowers
13 All Fall Down
14 Anyway The Wind Blows
15 Don't Ask Me
16 Love Lasts Forever
17 Winter Song
18 We Can Swing Together
19 Fog On The Tyne
20 Meet Me On the Corner
21 Run For Home
22 Clear White Light Pt.II

Ably played by:

Rod Clements: Vocals, mandolin, fiddle, guitar
Dave Hull-Denholm: Vocals, guitar and piano
Steve Daggett: Guitar, keyboards, vocals and backing vocals
Ian Thomson: Bass, backing vocals
Paul Thompson: Drums


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It's a treat to see them "at home" - well worth the pilgrimage.

Spare a thought for the Future Fund.

Merry Christmas Everyone...and a happy new year.