Little Feat-Dixie Chicken Live
A Compilation

1. Dixie Chicken (March 22, 1973; Liberty Hall, Houston)
2. Two Trains (January 30, 1975; Jaap Edenhal, Amsterdam)
3. Roll Um Easy (October 10, 1975; Fox Venice Theatre, Venice, California)
4. On Your Way Down (August 2, 1977; Rainbow Theatre, London)
5. Snakes On Everything (July 19, 1973; Ebbets Field, Denver)
6. Fool Yourself (May 5, 2004; Avalon Theatre, Easton, Maryland)
7. Walkin' All Night (June 10, 1978; Paramount Theatre, Seattle)
8. Fat Man In The Bathtub (February 14, 1976; Winterland, San Francisco)
9. Juliette (May 23, 1975; Fox Theatre, Atlanta)
10. Lafayette Railroad (May 23, 1975; Fox Theatre, Atlanta)

Kiss It Off, replaced by Snakes On Everything.

Many thanks and much appreciation for all the tapers, masterers and seeders for making this sort of thing possible. Extra special thanks to the Music Archive for hosting the Little Feat collection and Goody for his help.