Little Feat Beacon Theater, NYC, NY 11-13-75
Rough Audience (Courtesy of Wes Meyette Archive)

Lineage: 3rd Gen Maxell XLII > Nak Dragon > Sony PCM M10 24/96
Transfer & Editing by Wes Meyette using CD Wave Editor
Edits: declipped, azimuth aligned, de-reverbed highs and mid-lows, repaired low-latency clicks

01 _Skin it Back >
02 Fat Man in the Bathtub
03 One Love Stand >
04 Rock-n-Roll Doctor
05 Oh Atlanta
06 On Your Way Down
07 Romance Dance
08 Below the Waterline
09 All That You Dream
10 Day or Night
11 Long Distance Love
12 Cold, Cold, Cold >
13 Dixie Chicken >
14 Tripe Face Boogie
15 Sailin Shoes
16 Willin
17 Teenage Nervous Breakdown
18 Feats Don't Fail Me Now

Bill Payne: Keyboards, Vocals
Paul Barrere: Guitar, Vocals
Lowell George: Guitar, Vocals
Sam Clayton: Percussion, Vocals
Richie Hayward: Drums
Kenny Gradney: Bass