Little Feat
Fox Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia
May 23, 1976

"Dolly Parton, Eat Your Heart Out"

SHNID #147849
(Remaster and pitch correction of SHNID #83545)

SBD from 1st generation reel to reel.

Taped and transferred by 38f
Re-mastered by Flying -M- and Professor Goody

This recording has been around for more than 10 years and has been incorrectly dated as May 23rd 1975 at the Fox Theatre.
In May of 1975 the Fox Theatre was fighting for it's life from being torn down.
It was ultimately saved in May 1975 and remodeled.
Concerts started being held there in October 1975.
Attached is a copy of a newspaper advert for the Sunday May 23, 1976 concert.

This information came to our attention immediately after releasing our re-master.
Explains the announcement about "The Last Record Album" being thier last record which wasn't released until October 1975.

No changes to the music but the information page, artwork, tagging and checksums have been updated to incorporate the correct date.

disc 1
01. Introduction
02. Skin It Back
03. One Love Stand >
04. Rock and Roll Doctor
05. Oh Atlanta
06. On Your Way Down
07. Juliette >
08. Lafayette Railroad >
09. Day Or Night
disc 2
10. All That You Dream
11. Dixie Chicken * >
12. Tripe Face Boogie *
encore call
13. Feats Don't Fail Me Now * #
14. Willin' * #
15. Teenage Nervous Breakdown

Guest artists:
Bonnie Raitt *
John David Souther *
Mylon LeFevre
Freebo #

Source SBD > Reel > Reel
Lineage 1st generation reel to reel > revox > amplifiers > tascam audio cdrw750 > cd > computer > plex tool professional XL > wav > flac
Taped by 38f
Transferred by 38f
& uploaded by 38f on Dime, March 2007

Re-master by Flying -M- 2017:
iZotope RX4 advanced & Har-Bal 3.0 > CD Wave > Goody* > TLH (flac 8)

Goody's additional lineage - 2019:
Audition (Pitch Bender, various amounts; additional glitch reduction; tracking)

in 2017 Flying -M- adds:
Combined all tracks into a single file.
Removed a pretty loud hum.
Gave it a little sparkle and some more punch.
Then removed a couple layers of hiss leaving some behind for realism and so it wouldn't sound sterile.
Finally went end to end removing a multitude of clicks, clunks and dropouts before re-tracking the songs.

This work was done a few years ago but never shared except to a few friends.
Professor Goody alerted me to the changing speed issues and did the required adjustments, additional clean-up and some tracking changes.

Jewel box artwork supplied by ethiessen1 - thanks for the fine covers here and all the others he makes up for the community.

All thanks go to 38f for initially sharing this already wonderful sounding recording and I hope these modifications make it even more enjoyable for you.

Some folks don't go for these re-worked recordings so be aware the source for this is at the Live Music Archive and can be found here:

For historical reference only and not intended for resale or any commercial use.

-M- (Jan 2017)(speed corrections & additional fixes 2019)
A Flying -M- and Professor Goody Re-Master


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