Little Feat
1977-04-19 (a)
Uptown Theater
Kansas City, Missouri, USA

-Recording Information-
Source: Audience stereo cassette
Equipment: unidentified
Lineage: cas? > wav > edit > flac > Internet Archive > restoration > flac(lvl8)
Transfer: TASCAM 202mkIII > Sony 2600 > Dio 2448 > CD Wave > FLAC16 > Nero 6 > Plextor PX-716A
Runtime: 82:03

Transferred and edited by Chris Cafiero, Little Feat Archivist.
SHN-ID# 31691:

Restored by plaz > SHN-ID# 121230 (details below)

Lowell George - guitar, vocals
Paul Barr�re - guitar, vocals
Bill Payne - keyboards, vocals
Kenny Gradney - bass, vocals
Richie Hayward - drums, vocals
Sam Clayton - percussion, vocals

CD1 [59:03]
01 Walkin' All Night (4:47) /
02 Skin It Back > (5:10)
03 Fat Man in the Bathtub.. (3:15) [inc, fade out] //
04 ..Old Folks Boogie (6:51)* [inc, fade in]
05 Time Loves a Hero > (4:38)*
06 Day or Night (7:34) /
07 Sailin' Shoes (5:25)
08 Cold Cold Cold > (5:13)
09 Dixie Chicken > (9:38)
10 Tripe Face Boogie (6:27) //

CD2 [23:00]
Encore 1
11 Willin' > band introduction > Willin' (4:52)
12 Feats Don't Fail Me Now (6:13)
13 Teenage Nervous Breakdown (4:28) / applause /
Encore 2
14 Ass for Days (7:25)

".." indicates an incomplete song that fades in or out
"/" indicates a brief recording pause
"//" indicates a recording stop and/or a tape flip

* tape problems: poor audio quality

Editor's (plaz's) Comments:

This is a restored version of SHN-ID# 31691 as found at:

In the original, much of the audio signal is cancelled since the two channels have little stereo separation and the right channel
was inverted (upside down). So most of what was heard in the prior version is the difference between the two channels. With this
corrected and a little channel balancing we now have a centered stereo image. For the second cassette side, fragments C and D
(tracks 8-14), the phase was off slightly with the right channel trailing by 0.12 ms.

The lineage is uncertain, but this definitely suffers from many generations of copying and I'm not sure if low-gen applies. I
have heard the Atlanta 1972-09-17 sbd that was shared a long way back and I could hardly believe the version I ended up sharing were
the same date. My copy is 3rd gen and sounds pretty fine, especially with some clean up. The other was so bad it was hard to tell if
it was even Lil'' Feat. So it is probable that the original source is a great aud and not this crappy over-generated bag of
hammers. I'd say this is only of interest to completists or Lowell lovers, sorry to say. It does sound better than it did, prior
to restoration, but still sounds pretty bad; B to B- or thereabouts. I was hoping the inversion would improve it more.

I'd say that maybe someday, someone we'll unearth a better tape or at least, a better tape must exist. I used to get mailed some Feat
tape trade lists back in the early '80s and some people had hundreds of Lowell-era audience tapes and master or low-gen broadcast
recordings. I have never seen many of these since. I just wish that, back then, I had more to trade, having myself only generated
copies of well-traded tapes.

I only saw Lowell-era Feat once, in Portland, Maine, it was, and I did note there was a R2R deck next to the soundboard mixing desk,
and I guess they recorded off the board a bunch of shows for the double LP release, "<name>". A few soundboards from the 1978 tour
have surfaced, including Rochester, Grand Rapids, Indianapolis and Tulsa. But all are marred in some serious way; some have the
head height problem and some have serious azimuth issues. While it may be now possible to digitally 'fix' some of these issues, that
becomes a lot less likely as the recording get generated.

Restoration by plaz:
- corrected DC offset errors
- inverted right channel
- concatenated to a single file and then separated into 4 fragments (each an original cassette side)
- balanced channels for each fragment
- very lightly decrackled and declicked all 4 fragments
- spliced cut/overlap in track 4 (removed repeated section)
- phase correction for tracks 8-14: -0.12 ms
- repaired clicks, pops and drops out
- attenuated close claps
- rejoined fragments, trimmed and edited transitions and retracked

This is not a new restoration, it's the same as that found at LMA of the Internet Archive ( I just reviewed it and updated the documentation and added some commentary. -plaz