Little Feat

Pantages Theatre,
Hollywood, CA.,

Total Time: {02:05:37}
01. Fat Man In The Bathtub
02. Spanish Moon
03. Skin It Back
04. Business As Usual
05. All That You Dream
06. Rocket In My Pocket
07. Changin' Luck
08. One Clear Moment%
09. Cajun Girl
10. Hate To Lose Your Lovin'%
11. Oh, Atlanta*
12. Down On The Farm%
13. Time Loves A Hero
14. Rock And Roll Doctor%
15. Let It Roll
16. Introductions
17. Old Folks Boogie%
18. Dixie Chicken%
19. Tripe Face Boogie
20. Willin'
21. Feats Don't Fail Me Now%
22. A Apolitical Blues%$
23. Teenage Nervous Breakdown
Track08->09 Master Cassette Flip
Track11->12 Master Cassette Flip Removed
%= w/Bonnie Raitt-Guitar, Vocals;
$= w/Eric Clapton-Guitar, Vocals;

Source: (FOB) Nakamichi CP1's{Hypercardiod}->cm300's->Sony TCD D-5M{FOB, Orchestra Centre, Row I, Seat 106}->Maxell MX-90�s->
Lineage: MAC; Sony TCD D-5M->Lunatec V3->Alesis ML-9600 Masterlink@48Khz/24bit-> CDR24->EAC->.wav24->Sound Forge 8->CD Wave Editor->r8brain->
Recorded, Transferred & Mastered By:Andrew Armour.

Little Feat:
Paul Barrere-Guitars, Vocals;
Howard Burke-FOH Engineer;
Sam Clayton-Percussion, Drums;
Craig Fuller-Vocals;
Kenny Gradney-Bass Guitar;
Ritchie Hayward-Drums;
Fred Tackett-Guitars, Vocals;

The Eleven�s Notes:
I Took My Original Cassette Masters Along With My Original Record Deck For Playback Into A Lunatec V3 To My Alesis ML-9600 Masterlink@48Khz/24bit. Burned The Files To CDR24 Extracted The Files To My Laptop Via EAC, Used The .wav24 FileSet In Sound Forge 8 To Merge All Of The Tracks Then To CD Wave Editor To Re-Split The Tracks Then To Sound Forge 8 To Add Fades. I Then Went Back Through The Transitions And Removed Any Glitches That I Found.
Listen And Enjoy!

Easter Sunday March 27th 2016