Live Dead 69 and The Airplane Family
Daryl's House
Pawling, NY 2016-12-10

Source: Zoom H4 soundboard + audience mics 16/44 wav files

Assembly: AA3 for edits and mixing in 32bit, rbrainpro for 16/44, cdwav for tracks, tlh for flac8, mp3pro for tags


(Live Dead69)

Intro> Mountains of the Moon
Dark Star>
Saint Stephen>
The Eleven>
Turn On Your Lovelight
Death Dont Have No Mercy>

(The Airplane Family)

Fat Angel
Greasy Heart
Get Together
Good Shepherd
Darkly Smiling
Wooden Ships
Somebody To Love
Plastic Fantastic Lover
Hesitation Blues
Crazy Miranda
Fresh Air
White Rabbit
Other Side of this Life
We Bid You Good Night

(Live Dead 69)
Slick Aguilar
Tom Constanten
Peter Kaukonen
Prarie Prince
Michael Falzarano
Mark Karan

(The Airplane Family)
Eva Avila
Joli Valenti
Slick Aguilar
Peter Kaukonen
Prarie Prince
Michael Falzarano
Mark Karan
Darby Slick


- the bands songs flowed into one another, so I assembled as one show for consistency

- no further eq, nr or processing performed

- assembled seamlessly

- recorded by Michael Gaiman

- assembled by Mike Schuncke