Los Angeles Guitar Quartet
Levin Performance Studio
Chicago, IL US

Lineage: HD over fm>Sangean HDT-1>Rotel-05 SE>SoundBlaster (Live! 24 bit External)>wav(CD Wave Editor)>flac

Known flaw: dodgy fm reception

John Dearman, Matthew Greif, William Kanengiser, and Scott Tennant

Announcer 3:13
excerpts from Don Quixote 14:43

Announcer 5:56
Houghton: Opals

Black Opal 2:37
Water Opal 4:37
White Opal 3:16

Announcer 3:50
de Falla:

Song of the Willow-the-Wisp 1:30
The Fire Dance 3:56

Outro Interview 1:23

Total Time: 45:04