Love with Arthur Lee. The Stables, Milton Keynes, UK. 2003-01-11

A decent recording from a fabulous venue owned by Cleo Laine & John Dankworth.

The night before the �Love Forever Changes� live recording at The Royal Festival Hall, Love did a low key warm up show here too (which I was lucky enough to attend).

A wonderful band.

I picked up this show in a trade many years ago.


01 Your mind and we belong together
02 Orange Skies
03 My Little Red Book
04 She comes in colours
05 Robert Montgomery
06 Alone Again Or
07 A House is not a motel
08 And More again
09 Daily Planet
10 Old Man
11 The Red Telephone
12 Clark and Hilldale
13 Live and Let Live
14 The Good Humour Man
15 Bummer in the Summer
16 You Set the scene
17 7 and 7 is
18 Signed DC
19 Everybody�s Gotta Live
20 My Flash on You
21 Stephanie Knows Who
22 August
23 Always See Your Face
24 Listen to my Song
25 Singing Cowboy