Lowell George Collection
outtakes & demos, collaberations & Live

A Gratefully Little Deadicated Feat Production. [2018 , never released it]

Source: Studio, FM & my friends scattered collection of master tapes

Lineage: All sources > 16bits 44.1khz wav > Flac > Adobe Audition CC 2018 > Isotope RX6 Advanced > Flac16

Source: Studio
1st Album sessions 1971 [Original Band]
01 Hamburger Midnight [extended version 3 takes]

Source: Studio
Uitrasoncs Studios Hempstead, NY 1972 [Lowell on guitar, slide & some vocals]
02. Intro. >
03. Goin Down To Lousiana
04. Banter >
05. Can't Find My Way Home
06. Banter >
07. Apolitical Blues

Source : FM
Lowell & Linda Rondstat WHFS FM Maryland 1975
08. Willin
09. Heartache

Source: Studio [my friends tape]
Lowell & Linda Rondstat unkown Demo 1975
10. Heartache

Source: Studio [my friends tape]
Lowell Demo possibly 1972
11. Long Distance Love [acoustic version]

Source: Studio [my friends tape]
Lowell Solo, Saddle Peak Studio Towpanga CA 1977
12. Fool On The Avenue Demo [Lowell & his guitar only]
13. Rocket In My Pocket [instrumental only]

Source: Studio [my friends tape]
Lowell Solo Saddle Peak Studio Towpanga CA 1978
14. Rocket in My Pocket [acoustic no vocals]
15. Rocket in My Pocket [acoustic with vocals]
16. Fool For the Avenue [guitar & vocals]
17. Fool For the Avenue [vocals in the background]
18.Two Trains > Lafayette > Two Trains > Lafayette Railrod [guitar & vocals]

Source: FM
Lowell Demo [unknown Radio Station] 1978
19. China White [acoustic version with harmony vocals]

Source: Studio [friends tape]
Lowell Solo Demos Saddle Peak Studio Towpanga CA 1978
20. Roll Um Easy
21. Two Trains
22. Down Below The Border Line

Source: Studio
Lowell with the Grateful Dead 1978 [Lowell George produced the album. Suggested the song "Good Lovin"
23. Good Loving [Lowell guitar & vocals]

Source FM
Lowell George Interview WXRT Chicago 1979
24. Interview

Source: my friends tape
Lowell Georg Band Live June 1979
26. Honest Man
27. Can't Stand The Rain
28. Easy Money
29. What Do Yo Want The Girl To Do

Happy Jack notes
clicks, crackle & 60hz little harmonics removed
balance & lower or raise the db
removed hiss [WITHOUT loosing any music]
seamless transitions

Members who Performed
Lowell George - acoustic & electric guitar, drum machine & vocals

Original members
Richie Haward - drums & vocals
Billy Payne - keyboards
Roy Estrada - bass

other muscians
Lowell George - guitar & lead vocals
Jerry Garcia - guitar & vocals
Bob Weir - guitar & vocals
Phil Lesh -bass
Billy Kreutzmann - drums
Micky Hart - percussion
Keith Godchaux - keys
Donna Godchaux - backing vocals
Linda Rondstat - backing vocals
Bonnie Rate - guitar & vocals
John Hammond - guitar, harmonica & vocals
Daniel "Freebo" Friedberg - bass

md5 included
ffp included

Do Not Sell
Happy Jack

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