Lowell George
Lone Star Cafe, New York, NY
June 20, 1979

Source : SBD Recording > ??? > CD-R (courtesy of M.R. archive)

Editing : CD Wave Editor (tracking) > Soundforge (volume adjustment) > Wave > TLH (sbe aligned) Flac 8

Traders Den - January 27, 2020

Tracked by Wes Meyette

Posted by kingrue upload #2315

This comes from a cd rip that was 1 long wave file. Labeled as Roadhouse, but during 1979 is was known as the Lone Star Cafe.

I didn't know this material, so I sent it over to my buddy Wes. (big fan). I knew he could get it tracked with a set list and tell me more about it.

This was not in Wes's collection. Nor was it even listed in Featbase.net. but there's space in the tour list for it.

So this apparently is fairly rare, which surprised even myself. Even though this is SBD, the mix is a bit rough and lacks clarity.

The vocals are the loudest, while the band is lower in the mix.


On June 15, 1979, Lowell began a tour in support of his solo album, "Thanks I'll Eat it Here."

Sadly Lowell would pass away in less than 2 weeks from a cocaine overdose, along with being very overweight. contributed to his passing.

Band line up
Lowell George : guitar, vocals (passed away June 29, 1979, aged 34)
Jerry Jumonville : saxophone (passed away Dec 7, 2019, aged 78)
Armando Compean : bass
Don Heffington : drums
Peter Wasner : piano
Eddie Zip : organ
Fred Tackett : guitar
Lee Thornberg : trumpet
Maxine Dixon : backing vocals

Total Time = 55:21

Set list
01 Fat Man In The Bathtub
02 Honest Man
03 What Do You Want The Girl To Do
04 I Can't Stand The Rain
05 Easy Money (end cuts)
-- tape break --
06 Dixie Chicken (end cuts)
-- tape break --
07 Willin'
08 Spanish Moon

Songs missing from this recording. (compared to other set lists during the same week)

Rocket In My Pocket
Apolitical Blues
Two Trains
20 Million Things
Roll Um Easy