Lucinda Williams
WFMU Radio Thriftshop
East Orange, New Jersey
Source: FM
September 15, 1998

CD > Ripped to Wave (16 bit) w/EAC > /Encoded to Flac (level 6) w/ TLH

You might notice a low level noise during the interview and a slight
pop or two. I'm reasonably certain that this is the interviewer
shuffling notes, tapping pen, the chairs creaking, and Lucinda's leather
jacket creaking a bit.

1. Intro
2. Car Wheels On A Gravel Road (acoustic solo)
3. Interview
4. Greenville (acoustic solo)
5. Interview
6. Apartment Number 9 (acoustic solo)
(written by Bobby Austin/Johnny Paycheck)(made popular by Tammy Wynette)
7. Interview and thanks