Luther ALLISON French Broadcasts vol 6, Velvet Jungle sessions, Paris 1995 xx xx and more, audio from TV masters,FLAC

The main part of this volume is from the "Velvet Jungle" TV show.
I think this one is nice, with a blues oriented playing.
I filled it with some Montreux 94 mat�rial not found on "Where have you been ?" and also an unique performance of Luther and amp recorded for another TV show.
See details below.

01 Soul fixin' man
02 All the king horses
03 Watching you
04 Walking paper
05 Big city
06 Move from the hood
07 What's going on
08 It hurts me too
09 Going back
10 Messin' with the kid (with fade out)
11 Im going back home (electric solo performance)

01 through 07: recorded in paris, 1995, for the Velvet Jungle sessions.
"Velvet Jungle sessions" was a TV show recorded for the "La 5" french channel; after this channel died, the Luther Allison sessions were broadcasted on another one, Paris Premi�re; i recorded the show from this source and here is the audio (satellite capture at 256 kb). The band:
Luther Allison with:
Stephane Guillaume, guitar
Michel Carras, keyboards
Davyd Johnson, tenor sax
Fran�ois Camuzeaux, bass
Zak Prathers, drums

08, 09 and 10 : recorded in Montreux 1994, broadcasted on MCM channel for the MCM blues show (satellite capture at 256 kb)
11: a solo performance for same MCM blues (satellite capture at 256 kb).

VHS played on a Toshiba VR51 deck; zoom H4 for wave files; PC; audacity for volume and tracking; FLAC.

Samples in comments.

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