Luther ALLISON French Broadcasts vol 8, Europe 1 shows, Paris 1994-1995 FM masters,FLAC

This volume consists mainly in "TOP LIVE" shows broadcasted on Europe 1 radio station.
Don't miss the bonus track recorded in 1997 with Louis Bertignac (one of our french guitar heroes)

01 Standing in the middle of the road
02 I wanna know
03 Bad love
04 Going back
05 I wanna know
06 Bad love
07 ... knocking on your door
08 Nobody but you
09 It hurts me too
10 All the king's horses
11 ... knocking on your door (a faded out jam with Bernard Allison)
12 The dock of the bay (a 97 bonus track)

01-03: Europe 1 Top Live show 1994 april 15; some reception noise.
04-09: Europe 1 Top Live show 1994 november 10; set and sound both excellent.
10: Europe 1 FM Christmas show 1995 december 23 (not with Patrick Verbecke).
11: Europe 1 Bernard Allison's Top Live show 1995 may 4; Bernard inviting his father for a jam (fade out...).
12: Bonus track: recorded for the "Taratata" french TV show in 1997; from a VHS tape.

Cassettes played on a SD 4051 Marantz deck; zoom H4 for wave files; PC; audacity for volume and tracking; FLAC.

Samples in comments.

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