M5 Mexican Brass
Levin Performance Studio
Chicago, IL US

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Since it�s founding in 2005, M5 MEXICAN BRASS have established themselves as Mexico�s leading Brass Quintet with international recognition. Combining their skills at virtuosic chamber music in all styles, non-stop interaction with the audience, showmanship, inimitable Latin American charm, and their very own sound, M5 concerts are unique musical- theatrical concert experiences. Being one of Mexico�s most active cultural ambassadors, the group has been touring the US and Canada extensively since 2008.

Alexander Freund - trumpet; Oscar Villegas Miranda � Trumpet; Juan Carlos Quiterio Miguel � French Horn; Jos� Lopez Ju�rez � Tuba; Roberto Carlos Cruz � Trombone

Announcer 0:48
Lennon/McCartney: Michelle 2:41

Announcer 3:48
McKee: Vuelta del Fuego 6:51

Announcer/Interview 5:59
German Trad.: Der Altepeter 6:00

Announcer 0:37
Bernstein: Maria 2:55

Announcer 0:36
Trad: La Negra 2:23

Announcer 4:15
McKee: Escape 4:32

Announcer 0:45
Happy Birthday Mary 1:40

Total Time: 43:58

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