An Evening with Conor Oberst, Jim James, and M. Ward
February 20, 2004
Pantages Theatre
Minneapolis, MN

Taped by Joel Swaney (
Source: SP-CMC-8(AT943) > SP-SPSB-6(No Roll-off) > Sony M1-DAT
Conversion: DAT > M-Audio/Audiophile 2496(Digital) > Sound Forge 6.0 > MKW > SHN > FLAC(8)

Notes: One continuous show, including solo sets by Conor Oberst, Jim James, and M. Ward, occasionally backed up by each other with occasional help from Mike Mogis and Nick White from Bright Eyes.

Disc I
M. Ward
01. Fuel For Fire
02. Duet for Guitars #3
03. Let's Dance
04. Undertaker
05. Helicopter
06. O'brien/O'brien's Nocturne
07. Vincent O'Brien
08. Outta My Head

Jim James
09. One In The Same
10. ???
11. I Can't Wait
12. Where To Begin
13. How Could I Know
14. The Bear
15. Bermuda Highway
16. Golden (w/ Mike Mogis)

Disc II
Conor Oberst
01. Train Under Water
02. Going for the Gold
03. Soon You Will Be Leaving Your Man
04. A Celebration Upon Completion
05. We Are Nowhere And It's Now
06. One Foot in Front of the Other
07. Lua
08. Waste of Paint

Conor Oberst, Jim James, M. Ward, Mike Mogis, Nick White
09. Seashell Tale
10. Always On My Mind (Willie Nelson)
11. Laura Laurent
12. At Dawn
13. At The Bottom Of Everything
14. Girl From The North Country (Bob Dylan)