April 28, 2014
Seattle, WA, USA
Chop Suey

You may or may not know that Macaulay Culkin has a Velvet Underground/Lou Reed parody band that changes all of the songs to be about pizza. He does, and it's a lot of fun. The between-song chat's pretty good, too. Hear Macaulay Culkin tell a pizza-related joke about a boner! Also hear his actually-very-good Tony Danza impression! It was pretty surreal for me and my wife being in the front row directly in front of him, since we were 6 and 11 when "Home Alone" came out and it's still one of our regular Christmas movies. Very strange and fun show.

In the middle of the show, the opener (Toby Goodshank) came out dressed as Kurt Cobain and did a medley of Nirvana songs in the past tense. His Kurt sweater appeard to be part of a Freddy Krueger costume.

I did my best with the setlist. I enjoy the Velvet Underground and Lou Reed, but I may've been a little thrown by hearing different words. Some of the titles come from a photo of the setlist and some come from their demo tape. I made up everything else. Any help with problems/missed songs would be appreciated.

Sound's pretty good. Samples below.

1. All The Pizza Parties
2. (talk)
3. MEDLEY: Papa John Says / I'm Beginning To Eat The Slice / Pizza / I'm Waiting For Delivery Man / Cheese Days / Pizza Day
4. (talk)
5. MEDLEY: Who Loves Pizza / Run Run Run / I'm Little Caesar
6. (talk)
7. MEDLEY: Pizza Morning / Have A Bite Of Crust
8. (talk)
9. Pizza Hours
10. (talk)
11. MEDLEY: Pizza It Hurts / White Pie, White Slice
12. (Kurt Cobained and Nevermound intro)
13. MEDLEY: Smells Like Teen Spirit / Lithium / Come As You Were / All Apologized
14. (talk)
15. MEDLEY: Pizza Gal / Take A Bite Of The Wild Slice
16. (talk)
17. Pizza Rolls

39 minutes, 42 seconds

Zoom H2-->WAV-->Audacity to raise volume and try to reduce bass-->CD Wave for track splitting-->you guys