el-n-gee club, new london, ct september 1, 1994

excellent show. a small club that got real hot. everyone danced their asses off.
unfortunately i haven't figured out all the song titles.
track 1 ?
track 2 ray charles?
track 3 shake everything you've got
track 4 shake everything you've got cont.
track 5 addictive love
track 6 let's give it some more- i need some money/you're a wonderful one
track 7 ?
track 8 i got to get you- doin it to death
track 9 let's get it on
track 10 ?jb jam-medley

disc 1 62:58 minutes tracks 1-6
disc 2 53:48 minutes tracks 7-10

Personnel: Maceo Parker? (vocals, alto saxophone); Fred Wesley (vocals, trombone); Bruno Speight (guitar); Will Boulware (Hammond b-3 organ); Jerry Preston (bass guitar); Jamal Thomas (drums).

lineage 2nd gen cass from soundboard 2 maxell XL2 60>playback sony d6>soundcard 16 44.1>adobe normalize edit>flac front end