Maceo Parker
Water Street Music Hall
Rochester, NY
April 29, 2001

Source: MBHO 603a > KA-200n > MP-2 > D8 (probably)
Tranfer: DAT > Fostex D-15 > Ardour @ 16/44.1
Master: Wavelab 6.10 (Remove DC offset; Ozone 3 to increase dynamics; tracking; fades) > FLAC

1. Intro music >
2. Maceo intro vamp
3. Uptown Up
4. Pass the Peas >
La Bamba
Gonna Get Funky >
Get Up For The Down Stroke >
La Bamba
5. Shake Everything You Got >
It's Your Thing >
Shake Everything You Got
6. Lickin' Stick >
7. Baby Knows
8. Greatest Romance
9. Think (About It)
10. My Baby Loves You
11. Gonna Have A Funky Good Time > Mustang Sally
12. Georgia On My Mind
13. Move Your Body >
14. Mothership Connection

15. The Closer I Get To You
16. Elephant Step On My Foot >
Get On Up >
17. Papa's Got A Brand New Bag
18. Sing A Simple Song >
19. Black Widow //

Maceo Parker - alto sax & vocals
Greg Boyer - trombone & background vocals
Ron Tooley - trumpet
William Boulware - keys
Jamal Thomas - drums
Bruno Speight - guitar
Rodney 'Skeet' Curtis - bass
Martha High, Charles Sherrell & Corey Parker - background vocals & vocals

8pm show, tickets were $17, $20 at the door.

The recording starts a little muddy (and has a few pops), but settles down quickly. The recording may have been done in with mics in hand or something. The audio quality changes briefly, from time to time, as taper moves around, or hides the mics, or whatever. In addition, the recording was unfocused and lacked punch, particularly the vocals (some of the singers are incomprehensible). Ozone 3 was used to increase the dynmaics and add some sparkle, which helps a lot. Not the best recording, but hardly the worst.

A review of this show appeared here: and said:

"At 1 point Maceo was addressing the crowd and started to give props to other artists. He specifically mentioned Ani DiFranco, James Taylor and Prince. He then proceeded to announce that the next 2 songs were written by Prince. Good reaction from the crowd. He then did a version of Baby Knows! (kinda rock oriented with his lead guitarist going off sounding very Prince like) and then a mellow Greatest Romance. Unfortunately, alot of people started going to the bar, bathroom, etc. as it kinda brought the mood down. The only sung parts of both songs were the chorus. "She got the long dark hair...etc" and The Greatest Romance part.

Maceo said at 1 point that promoters try and have them do jazz but that we are 2% jazz and 98% funk! Kinda funny.

Maceo was on point all night. His bands was excellent as well. Drummer, some back up R&B/Rapper dude added alot, white keyboardist, etc.

Towards the end of the night Maceo played the flute.... crazy tight! He sang a little, had some funny funky dances, played with the crowd. The crowd was almost all white, hippies...kinda surprised to not see many black folk. Still the crowd was hyped and into it all night."


--mhg :: 06/15/12