Umbria Jazz 2009: Maceo Parker band

Maceo Parker, alto sax, flute, vocals.
Will Boulware, keyboards.
Ron Tooley, trumpet.
Dennis Rollins, trombone.
Bruno Speight, guitar.
Rodney "Skeet" Curtis, bass.
Jamal Thomas, drums.
Martha High and Neta Hall, vocals.
Corey Parker vox on t06.

Recorded at Arena Santa Giuliana, Perugia, on wednesday 15 july 2009, a co-headling set with Solomon Burke.
The show was strangely broadcast in two different sets, one after another divided by a station ID and a brief radio intro (between t03 and t04, for just a bit more than a minute) that I edited for continous listening. Later included in the folder, marked as track t00, a short radio introduction in ITALIAN - this intro runs for 1'54", you can skip downloading it if you don't understand italian.

t00-radio intro 1.54
t01-(Funky) Fiesta 4.42
t02-Off The Hook 9.22
t03-Make it Funky 9.29
t04-To Be or Not To Be 11.26
t05-Just Gimme Some More 14.34
t06-Uptown Up 3.30
t07-band's intro 1.24
t08-Pass The Peas 4.02
t09-radio outro 2.00

running time : 58'28" (without radio intro and outro)
with radio intro and outro, it would be 62'23"

FM radio broadcast by "Prima Fila - Sabato In Concerto", Radio 3 RAI [third channel of Italian national radio], on saturday 15 August 2009, 17:02 hours.

Lineage (FM > HD > web):
ITT HiFi4060 Tuner > Audacity 1.3.5 Beta via C-Media CMI8738/C3DX soundcard > 44100hz/16bit flac's (level 8) >

upped by survivor69 on, 16-August-2009 (upload #139)
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FFP included - if uploaded on other trackers or reseed (and you are welcome to do both), please include original infofile. Also, if not satisfied with my offering, you are welcome to remaster/retrack/whatever and repost, but please always clearly state where/who did you have this material from and keep original infofile.

; flac fingerprint file generated by Trader's Little Helper
; generated on August 15, 2009, at 9:10 pm
t00-radio intro.flac:ce7e6ac25014c2f3cc2c33c88e35c604
t01-(Funky) Fiesta.flac:d5890a311ae84512843f71b4b10a13c2
t02-Off The Hook.flac:dfc4736e183d3c6ac5e2c7f4bf57bc00
t03-Make it Funky.flac:e4350f0c68db821ce66da07ebc0314b8
t04-To Be or Not To Be.flac:41b72a022ff6ee0ba9c5ccef1b88c5f2
t05-Just Gimme Some More.flac:a2d3e38371aa343d65623aa9af89b997
t06-Uptown Up.flac:92d71eca3d500d4adc074054bad7f6b5
t07-band's intro.flac:99ee2f4f0623cd989fc0417bb0e0724d
t08-Pass The Peas.flac:63c8d6c95060a811d5e6b17feab8cffd
t09-radio outro.flac:15f528ae857999b612ed2b06fa1574da