Yellowstock 2013
De Boogart Youth Center, Geel, Belgie
August - 09 - 2013
Day # 1 - Act # 3b
Inside show - Late MACHINE show

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Rec. Info:
OKM2R -> Zoom H2n (at WAV 16/44) -> SD card -> HD -> Audacity (edit/volume boost only) -> WAV 16/44 -> TLH8 -> FLAC -> DIME -> YOUR EARS AND MIND...
Recorded by Mr. BLUESHACKS at front row almost dead center...This sounds magnficient. No chatters, no disturbances, just the pure music. This just sounds f**ing great!
The vocals are a bit buried in the mix, but do you really miss? Sorry, David, but the music is mindblowing enough...


After the very nice experience of Yellowstock 2012, my good friends BLUESHACKS and MIROH (who shared taping duties with me back then and on 2013's Freak Valley as well) decided to
visit the 2013 edition as well. Unfortunately - due to working schedule - I could not make the 350 km trip from my home to Geel. So when Wolli (BLUESHACKS) was at my place for the
KRACH AM BACH festival a week earlier, it was not a second of talk needed, that they could borrow my taping gear for this lovely festival. Alone the possibility of a taped MACHINE show...
Anyway, though I just said "Tape whatever you want but enjoy as well." they managed to tape almost all the bands there. So, all the thanks and praises go straight to Kevelaer and
Gescher in Germany, for their taping and other efforts...

Alrighty fellow lovers of the unexplored outer orbits of music, here's the second set from that fantastic MACHINE show at Yellowstock 2013. Why a two set show? As i've been told, there
were "loudness" restrictions by the local government for friday. There had to be a pause after an hour or so, for unknown reasons. Think that only lengthen the show itself, so the late
show started very late, most likely after day's change...Hm, but also both sets have a different feel to it. While the first set was very psychedelic and spacy, the second was a lot more
heavy and with the inclusion of "Not only" and "Sabotage" (yes, the Beastie Boys song) a bit PunkStonerStyle. Anyway, I missed that show (shit, 100 minutes of this fabulous band!), and
I'm looking forward to experiencing them at PNF Festival in late November. My real highlight from this show is the exceptional long version of "Kneiter" which runs almost 17 minutes!
But before I'll continue with my praises, and this will never see the light of day/night, let's get on with the show! HARTELIJK BEDANKT UIT DUITSLAND! SB.

FULL SECOND SET (51:32 min.)

01. Intro (1:37)
02. Kneiter (16:51)
03. Not only -> (2:25)
04. 5+4 (6:26)
05. Solar corona (7:38)
06. Sabotage (5:03)
07. Awe (11:20)

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The Machine Works As Usual With...

David Eering - Guitar, Vocals
Hans Van Heemst - Bass
Davy Boogaard - Drums

@ The Machine: this is great! Can't wait for PNF. Dank u well.

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