Maddy Prior McCabes Guitar Shop Santa Monica, Calif

Hedger and Ditcher
Sheep-Crook and Black Dog
The Barring of the Door
Blacksmith Courted Me
Deep in the Darkest Night

Hard to say whether this is a a very good audience or a soundboard.There is a digt=ital collection of recording form mcCabes including this one, but it is restricted to those on campus...drat ! This appears to be a portion from a two night stand by Maddy, date is confirmed as correct.I have this on my list as 70 minutes audience sourced, at some time i transferred it to disc and this is all there is .....
unknonw recording equipment >unknown cassette generation > mac pro> cd> 2021> mac pro > adobe audition mild hiss reduction , reduce applause > xact>sbe>flac8