Maddy Prior 06/23/00
Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, Adelaide, Australia
Hind Horn
Great Silkie of Sules Skerry Spirit
Bitter Withy
The Fabled Hare* (I Sall Goe Until A Hare) >
(Ruled By The Moon) >
(Scent Of Dog)
(The Hare Said) >
(I Shall Run & Run)
Boys of Bedlam
The Rolling English Road
set 11
In The Company of Ravens >
Young Bloods >
The Masts Of Morrigan >
Rich Pickings >
Ravenchild >
Dance On The Wind
Make Up >
The Rigs of The Time (updated)
The Blacksmith >
Saucy Sailor
Sheath & Knife >
I Sicked Up a Poem
The Lark In The Morning

this was intended to be a broadcast for local radio, but the person who recorded it was not used to recording on a computer and didn't realise that tape is more forgiving of levels that stray into the red than is digital and there were some distortions. it was as far as know, never broadcast although as few people who edited audio locally got copies to try and restore the recording.
This year ,2021, I got out the recording and ran it through Acon Digital Declip and its worked wonders , it now very listenable .
It's a great show, I did find a setlist on dbtree from it , so someone must have traded it, but its not this release with the tamed distortions.

Soundboard >unknown laptop>cd> adobe audition 20201, apply acon digital declip, boost and lower levels where needed , split introductions from music tracks > xact>sbe>flac 8