Maddy Prior & the Carnival Band, Cadogan Hall London, England 2008-12-11 - MD PCM master aud reseed FLAC

Sony ECM MS907 mic/Sony MZ-RH1 on PCM/wav conversion in Sonicstage/adobe audition >applause tidiying>Tracks> Flac 8

Checksum file in Traders Little helper

This was a new venue for us to visit in London, and how wonderful it turned out to be. Our seats were in the second row - plenty of legroom, slightly to the right of the PA. See here - for an idea of the view from my seat! The mic, with a black pop shield, was pointed at the stage from the side pocket of my camera bag, which was on my lap. Applause level seemed pretty high, and I set the initial record level on that which surprisingly allowed a little headroom on the band's sound level. There were one or two enthusiastic clappers sitting close by, but I have tamed this in Adobe Audition.

Maddy Prior was in great voice, and the Carnival Band were very accomplished - I'm surprised that Ashley Hutchings never recruited them for an Albion Band!

The set list/info was scanned from the programme. I have stated banter between each song for briefness, but this was generally an introduction to the next song. Members of the audience were invited to join the band on stage as a percussion ensemble - my wife was first in the queue!

After the show, upon our arrival at Victoria Station, that old familiar smell from my train spotting days wafted over the platforms, and I realised that the steam hauled special which did a London Victoria/Oxford/London Victoria round trip was still there! I saw A4 pacific number 60007 - Sir Nigel Gresley in it's magnificent blue livery.


01 This is the Truth
02 Sing sing all Earth English - Trad An. Andy Watts
03 Banter
04 Wake Up! Words: Steno Vitale, ]ub Davis, Andy Watts, Music: Steno Vitale
05 Banter
06 In Dulci Jubilo German 14th Cent. Arr. Andy Watts
07 Banter
08 Let an Anthem of Praise - Words: Caleb Ashworth (1722-75) Music: Trad. Arr. Andy Watts
09 Banter
10 The Shrewsbury Lasses/Trip to Highgate/The Comical Fellow Dances from the Apted Book c. 1800 Trad. English Arr. Giles Lewin
11 Banter
12 Hark the Glad Sound - Thomas Merritt 1862 -1908
13 Banter
14 Bright Evening Star - Words & Music: Giles Lewin
15 Banter
16 The Round of the Animals
17 Banter
18 The Holly and the Ivy English Trad. Arr. And} Watts
19 Banter
20 A Latin Latin Christmas Words: Anon. Medieval, Music: ]ub Davis & Stephen Banks


21 The Boar's Head Trad (poss 16th C English) Arr. Andy Watts
22 Banter
23 Good People All Irish Trad Arr. Giles Lewin 24 Banter
25 Wither's Rocking Hymn - Ralph Vaughan Williams
26 Banter
27 Infant Holy/ Polka od Borka Polish Trad. Arr. And} Watts
28 Banter
29 Stuff! Words: And} Watts Music: Steno Vitale & Andy Watts
30 Banter
31 Lachrimae Amoris Words & Music: Giles Lewin
32 Banter
33 A Health and Safety Christmas - Words & Music: Andy Watts
34 Banter
35 The Sussex Carol English Trad. Arr. And} Watts
36 Banter
37 Personent Hodie Piae Cantiones 1582. Arr. And} Watts
38 Banter
39 Angels From the Realms Words: James Montgomery Tune: French Trad. Arr. And}. Watts


40 Poor Little Jesus
41 Banter
42 Bring us in Good Ale

Andy Watts
Giles Lewin
Jub Davis
Steno Vitale
Steve Banks