Maggie and Terre Roche
Coffeehouse, Eau Claire, WI

Audience Recording by unknown
Digitized by SDC

Unknown generation recording->TDK-SA90->Sony KA1ESA-->Soundforge 9.0--44,100 hz, 16-bit stereo-->Amadeus Pro 2.1.7-Speed adjusted 95.7%; track 1 amplified by 200%, track 2-7 amplified by 250%; and cut into tracks->Trader�s Little Helper-->flac level 6, sector boundaries fixed

1. The Prize
2. The Mountain People
3. Damned Old Dog
4. Cecelia
5. Telephone Bill
6. West Virginia
7. If You Emptied Out All of Your Pockets You Could Not Make the Change

This is one of the few extant recordings of Maggie and Terre Roche performing prior to forming the trio we now know as The Roches. The first song, The Prize, is by Bert Lee. Cecelia was written by Paul Simon and performed by Simon and Garfunkel. Needless to say, Maggie and Terre make it their own. Enjoy.

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Seeded by SDC June, 2015

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