Hamburg Blues Band featuring Maggie Bell and Miller Anderson
Halle, Saale, Germany, Objekt 5

Audio attributes:
Audio coding mode: uncompressed wav (linear PCM)
Recording sampling rate: 44,1kHz/16 bit
Sampling rate of flac files: 44,1kHz/16 bit
Number of audio channels: 2.0
no mastering/editing except normalizing
recorded by: rebelrivers
Audio Quality: A+

Linage: DPA4061-->XLR-Adapter DAD 6001-->ZoomH4n-->SDCard--->USB2.0--->HDD
--->track-splitting with Adobe Audition 3.0
flac/ compression level 5--->Dime--->you
recorded by: rebelrivers
centre of stage (distance 5m)

Set 1 (featuring Miller Anderson on guitar & vocals):
01 Intro
02 Rollin'
03 Stony Times
04 Make Love Strong
05 Little Man Dancing
06 Just A Cry
07 Get Off My Back
08 Fog On The Highway
09 Rattlesnake Shake (Fleetwood Mc/Peter Green Cover)

Set 2 (featuring Maggie Bell on Vocals *) and Miller Anderson on guitar & Vocals
10. High Tide And High Water
11. Wishing Well *) (Free Cover)
12. Way Down In A Hole *) (Tom Waits cover)
13. As The Years Go Passing By *) (Dan Malone)
14. I Believe I'm In Love With You *) (Faboulous Thunderbirds Cover)
15. Penicillin Blues *) (Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee)
16. Living in the Palace of the King (Freddie King cover) *)
17. My Love Was In Chains *) (?cover)
18. Encore break


19. Respect Yourself *) (Staple Singers Cover)
20. Blues In My Pocket

Gert Lange - guitar & Vocals
Michael Becker - bass
Hans Wallbaum - drums
Miller Anderson (guitar & vocals)
Magggie Bell - vocals, percussion (Set 2 tracks 11-17; 19)

I went to the show to hear Maggie Bell. She once was one of my favourite singers, but I did know, she is still on stage.
I hoped for a song from Stone The Crows' "Teenage Licks"-Album-but they didn't play anything from it.
Nevertheless I was very pleased with the concert - very good blues-rock. The Band was tight and not dominated by the "stars".

Support the band - go and see their shows
Never ever sell this recording

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