The Magic Band
King’s Cross Scala
London UK

Disc One
01 Introduction 1:33
02 Steal Softly Thru Snow 2:27
03 Abba Zaba 4:23
04 Low Yo Yo Stuff 3:41
05 Band Introduction 0:53
06 Diddy Wah Diddy 3:25
07 The Smithsonian Institute Blues 2:45
08 Rockette Morton Solo 2:26
09 When It Blows Its Stacks 6:16
10 Nowadays A Woman’s Gotta Hit A Man 4:41
11 Clear Spot 4:20
12 Circumstances 4:38
13 Kandy Korn 5:33
14 Hair Pie 2:53
15 On Tomorrow 6:48
16 Alice In Blunderland 5:20
Total 62:03 mins

Disc Two
17 My Human Gets Me Blues 4:05
18 Suction Prints 5:13
19 Acknowledgements 1:16
20 Grow Fins 5:56
21 The Floppy Boot Stomp 4:49
22 Click Clack 6:11
23 Electricity 7:04
24 Big Eyed Beans From Venus 5:03
25 Applause 0:58
26 Orange Claw Hammer 4:43
Total 45:25 mins

The Magic Band:
John French ‘Drumbo’ - Vocals, Drums, Harmonica
Rockette Morton (Mark Boston) - Bass
Denny ‘Feelers Reebo’ Walley - Guitar, Slide Guitar
Eric Klerks - Guitar
Craig Bunch - Drums

This was a sold out show with a terrific atmosphere and plenty of audience participation and it’s great to hear
the Magic Band audience sing the last verse of Orange Claw Hammer as if in tribute to a great performance
by the Magic Band evidently eager to return to active duty.The last time I heard Orange Claw Hammer live was
at the Colston Hall Bristol in 1975. My friends and I in the second row were trying to join in when
Captain Beefheart noticed us and paused right at ‘n above it read a sign ‘Painless Parker’- looking over at us
to see if we’d get the next line which we fluffed of course, and he went ‘Lic-lic-lic-lic licorice twisted around …
like that with a few extra lics in…. I’ll never forget that scary-comic moment.

Hope you like this one.

Recorded Canon Digital Ixus 70
16-bit 44.100 kHz uncompressed PCM audio
Tracks aligned on sector boundaries before conversion to FLAC
No EQ. Audio quality unaltered from capture.
Artwork included (TIF)
Tested FLAC->WAV->CDR (disc at once) OK.

Share and enjoy the music of Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band!

Dedicated to my old friend Dave B from the second row now passed.