The Magic Band - 2012 03 13 Preston UK 71.06 Aud MC (Ob)

Two very valuable lessons were learned on this night. They may help you in future (it is always better to learn from others' mistakes) so here they are:
1. Purchase tickets in advance. When you turn up to the gig to find they've sold out and you have to plead with the manager and Drumbo to allow just 2 more people in (while your wife is sharpening her knives) you know that booking on-line was a better plan.
2. Once you have set up your recording equipment, switch the lock on. Otherwise as you shift around (or in my case reposition the DR 08 under my hat) you may accidentally press the pause button and lose the whole of the first fantastic, magnificent set!

So lessons learned, and thanks to Drumbo and the manager of a fabulous venue, here is the second set of the Magic Band at the Continental, Preston 13 03 2012.

Second Set...

01 Drum Solo ** 3.16
02 On Tomorrow ** 3.48
03 Alice in Blunderland ** 5.38
04 My Human Gets Me Blues ** 4.01
05 Suction Prints 5.32
06 Grow Fins 7.02
07 The Floppy Boot Stomp 5.59
08 Click Clack 6.37
09 Electricity 9.38
10 Moonlight on Vermont 5.10
11 Big Eyed Beans From Venus 7.48
12 Sure 'nuff 'n' Yes I Do 6.34

** Drumbo on drums

John 'Drumbo' French - vocals, drums
Mark 'Rockette Morton' Boston - bass
Denny 'Feelers Reebo' Walley - guitar
Eric Klerks - guitar
Craig Bunch - drums

It was lovely to meet a few Zappateers, drink nice beer and be part of a great evening. Cheers!

The venue was rammed and the only way my recorder was going to "hear" everything well enough was to put it under my hat, which is how I hit pause. Still, the second set does sound mighty pretty....and as Wacko (Muffin Men) said "you'll have plenty of headroom".

Tascam DR-08, 24/96 Wav. Tracked, dithered and Flac'd in Reaper (using the Extreme 512pt HQ sinc and FLAC 8 to 16/44.1). No Eq. No Compression. No Gain adjustments. Just hat!
Fixed SBEs and whatnot in Trader's Little Helper.
The hat was from a charity shop with an open, aurally transparent weave and a dashing cut.