The Magic Beans
Animas City Theatre
Durango, Colorado
February 21st, 2015

Recording info:

1- Stereo Soundboard mix
2- Two Nakamichi 300 mics w CP2 omni capsules onstage facing crowd
3- Two TOA K2 cardiod mics (X-Y) at appx 10ft high in the soundboard booth

Source 1 and 2 matrixed on a Soundcraft console > Tascam DR-60D (XLR inputs)
Source 3 > Tascam DR-60D (stereo mini input)

SD Card > PC > Audacity > Traders Little Helper (FLAC 8)
Recorded and processed by billydee

Set One
01- Over and Under
02- Dying Day
03- Story Goes
04- As You Like It
05- Pizza Baby>
06- Take You Home (Come Inside)

Set Two
01- Zumbai>Operation*>Zumbai
02- The Sound
03- The Song Remains the Same
04- Gefiltefunk
05- Blackout

06- Jamboree


Special thanks to house engineer James Mirabal, Eugene Salaz and Durango Massive Productions and of course to The Magic Beans.

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