The Lucid Dreams Of Dr.Sardonicus - Festival
Cafe Cairo, W�rzburg, Germany
(audience recording)
Soundman OKM IIR > ZOOM H1 > PC(via USB) > Wavelab (EQ, edit, tracking) > TLH(flac8)
recording position: 3m in front of stage, left side


01 ballad of lord sogmore (6.09)
02 mystical mountain - twelve kings (8.44)
03 back to the garden (6.04)
04 distant future (7.05)
05 three days (8.28)
06 ?.. (5.49)
07 zeta (4.50)
08 keppler 22b (7.22)
09 magic bus > milky way (10.08)
10 tucan pyramid (9.27)
11 - (band introduction) (0.33)
12 sunflower (4.05)
13 - (applause + audience's choice) (1.37)
14 magic bus (da capo) (4.28)

1x sunflower (soundcheck snippet) (1.42)
Time: 85 min (without soundcheck)


Paul Evans (g, voc)
Terence Waldst�dt (g)
Wihll Muellorz (bg)
Billy Burls (dr)
Vivien Goodwin-Darke (fl, voc)
Jay Darlington (keys)


It was my first time in W�rzburg and the Cafe Cairo, home of the glorious Psychedelic Network Festival for a little (and sadly one time only, as Horst mentioned) "side-project" to that one.
"The Lucid Dreams Of Dr. Sardonicus"
A sign and symbol against the "Brexit" in collaboration with the guys from the british "13th Dream Of Dr.Sardonicus"-festival.

A very big "THANK YOU" to Horst Porkert for this incredible event itself and a special one to dear Spacebandit, Miro, Rendel and Martin for giving me the opportunity to take part in this.
Hope it won't be my last time in W�rzburg !

Second band of the second day : MAGIC BUS -
a little Tull here, a little (early) Crimson there, but mainly a lot of CARAVAN. (a bus is a kind of ... or isn't it ???)
Beautiful classic Canterbury-sounds, never simply copied, but excellent dynamic composition with some folk- and sometimes even arabic influences, a wonderful and relaxed set for a warm and sunny saturday-afternoon, (that it was) - would have been even greater open air and in the sun.
A nice proggy intermission in between the heavier psychedelia-sets of the other bands

There is only very few audience chatter, as the hall was still quite empty for this second band starting at about 16.00

So this is again an excellent recording, although I was not in the dead center (as I usually am)
As always I did some EQing, just the common, raising heights (only a little this time) and adding a little to the bass drum
+ a little soundboard-like mastering-compression - (even more less than usual to keep the dynamic differences of this band)

A very special "Thank You" again to Mr.Spacebandit, who provided me (again) with the first 30 seconds of the concert (seamlessly faded) - I did not capture them on my way back from the recreational facility

SORRY, no cover-artwork but I added some screenshots from my video

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uploaded to DIME by rackhir May 2017