MAGIC SLIM Paris chapelle des Lombards 1981 07 24 aud SM master

Recorded in a small club close to the players (the audience was about only 25 people, so, it's not the hottest gig M S played in his life); sound is mainly coming from musicians amps (rough but good).

TCD5 M with couple of beyer dynamic M 201 N
Tape played on a Marrantz SD4051 cassette deck with pitch adjustment; zoom H4; PC; audacity for tracking; FLAC.

01 instrumental
02 instrumental
03 going down slow
04 #
05 you're so mean to me
06 as the years goes passing by
07 just like a woman #
08 hideway #

01 instrumental
02 #
03 worried life blues
04 #
05 mustang Sally
06 it's my own fault
07 #

Total time : 84 mns

A blues upload for the new year from my basement !
This is another of my "quite stellar" audience recordings.
Sorry for the blanks or confuse titles(#) in the setlist, i need some help.
Some samples in comments.
Happy new blues year to you all.