Magic Slim & The Teardrops, 1994-07-08, Ithaca, NY, The Haunt (Sbd.)

Back in the early/Mid 90's Magic Slim was one of my favorite bands(still is). I've seen and heard Magic Slim many times but I believe this was his best line up. The great John Primer on 2nd Guitar, Nick Holt on Bass and Earl Howard on Drums.
Recorded from early Gen. cassette, never been shared before. Soundboards cassette deck used.
This is a very nice Sbd. of a great show. Guessed on a few song titles, comments welcome. Enjoy, Share but don't sell.
As John Primer says:
"Are you ready for The Magic Man!"

Disc 1
01. Down To Virginia
02. Honest I Do
03. If You Love Me Like You Say
04. Yonder Wall
05. Red House
06. That Will Never Do
07. Just In Case We Both Were Wrong
08. Talk To Me Baby (Cut)
09. (Set 2)I'm Crying
10. Johnny B Good
11. Built For Comfort
12. Tell Her That I Love Her

Disc 2

01- 634-5789
02. Mustang Sally
03. The Boogie
04. Sail On
05. Ain't Doing So Bad
06. Rough Dryed Woman
07. Gravel Road
08. Tough Enough
09. Blues Is Alright
10. Sweet Home Chicago