Magic Slim and the Teardrops
Albert's Hall, Toronto Ontario Canada
September 22, 1989

Magic Slim - guitar and vocals
Nick Holt - bass
John Primer- guitar and vocals
- drums

This is an okay audience tape I got in trade back in the early nineties. I know nothing
else of the lineage except it is pretty low generation

Set One
1 Cissy Strut
2 Texas Flood
3 Blues Had A Baby
4 She's Into Something
5 Look On Younder Hall
6 Please Send Me Someone to Love
7 That Will Never Do
9 She's 19 Years Old
10 Hideaway

Set Two
11 Staisfy Suzie
12 You Can Make It If You Tro
13 I'm So In Love With You
14 Mustang Sally
15 Cadillac Assembly Line
17 You Can't Lose What You Never Had
18 Cold Women with Warm Hearts
19 Happy Birthday-Going to New York
20 Hideaway

Set Three
22 I Love You Baby
23 I'd Rather Drink Muddy Watter
26 Hey Bartender