Magic Slim and the Teardrops
Live at the Little Fox
Redwood City, CA
November 25, 2006

Tr101 All Your Love (I Miss Loving) *
Tr102 Honey Bee *
Tr103 (What You Want Me To Do)
Tr104 Think
Tr105 (Another Black Cat Bone)
Tr106 (Sittin' Here Thinkin')
Tr107 Yonder's Wall
Tr108 (Rocks Is My Pillow)
Tr109 My Babe **
Tr110 I Need Lovin'

Tr201 Born Under a Bad Sign *
Tr202 Boom Boom *
Tr203 Bad Luck Is Fallin'
Tr204 (Got To Love Somebody)
Tr205 (I Play The Blues For You) FADES OUT
[Technical difficulties...sorry!]


Magic Slim (Morris Holt)- vocals, guitar
Jon McDonald- guitar (vocals *)
Vernal (Brian?) "Stick" Taylor- drums
Chris Biedron (Jethro?)- bass

Special guest:
Kenny Neal- harmonica **

Recording details:

M-Audio MicroTrack 24/96 w/ stereo electret mic

This was recorded upstairs in the balcony, dead center, about 25 feet from the stage.
Other than normalize and track the recording, no processing was done. The bass could be cut a little bit and the short microphone feedback squeals could be removed, but this is exactly as it sounded that night. BTW I have to say that Magic Slim is the most powerful blues performer I have ever seen... just dripping with energy all night long. This was the first time my MicroTrack let me down, dying in the middle of the second set. I wonder if it was the energy from Magic Slim that overloaded the circuitry inside because I've been having nothing but problems with it since that night. :(

Any help with the song titles would be appreciated!

Sittin' Here Thinkin':