MAGIC SLIM & THE TEARDROPS 2008-07-12 1ST SET CHICAGO, IL KINGSTON MINES LINEAGE: SBD>R-09 16/44.1>WAV>CDWAV SPLITS ONLY>TLH>FLAC6 MAGIC WAS LOOKN GOOD AND HEALTHY. HE HAD GOOD ENERGY AND WAS JOKING WITH THE CROWD AND SMILING A LOT. THE QUALITY OF THE SBD RECORDING IS GOOD BUT COULD BE BETTER. THEY HAVE A NEW SOUNDBOARD THAT ISNT BEING USED PROPERLY AND THEY WONT EVEN BUY A PAIR OF HEADPHONES FOR THE SOUNDMAN. ANYWAY..WAS A PACKED HOUSE - SRO.. YOU WILL ENJOY THIS SET THE BAND: MAGIC SLIM: GUITAR AND VOCALS JOHN MCDONALD: GUITAR AND VOCALS DANNY O'CONNOR: BASS LENNY MEDIA: DRUMS 01 LONG WINDED INTRO BY FRANK PELLEGRINO 4:23 02 WOKE UP THIS MORNING 6:36 03 COME ON IN THIS HOUSE 4:54 04 FRANK INTROS MAGIC SLIM> 1:20 05 INSTRAMENTAL> MAGIC TALKS TO CROWD 4:34 06 LET ME LOVE YOU BABY 2:47 07 IM LONELY FOR THEN 5:47 08 GET YOUR BUSINESS STRAIGHT 4:55 09 YONDER WALL 4:15 10 I PLAY THE BLUES FOR YOU 6:27 11 CRAZY WOMAN 5:46 12 HIDEAWAY>OUTRO 3:18 13 FRANKS OUTRO :54 TOTAL TIME 56:03 NEVER SELL THIS SHARE IT FREELY DO NOT CONVERT TO ANY LOSSY FORMAT DO SUPPORT MAGIC SLIM SEE HIM LIVE AND BUY HIS CDS AND PLEASE RECORD A BLUES SHOW.. IT JUST MIGHT GIVE YOU THE BLUES..!!! flac fingerprint file generated by Trader's Little Helper generated on July 13, 2008, at 19:47:25 01.flac:47b337e2bf350aced2b5a7ea5382d5b2 02.flac:0d1cace09cf39b2fee674c3eb7cd9bc3 03.flac:69cf0b64d53f6d41ec254e605a83716d 04.flac:48ce7be66ce004f50613b3019d9a1e46 05.flac:31a57c7b6a39aa2f37f301d657d6dd38 06.flac:5c8aaf0ab3811617fdc63289039764c5 07.flac:c4b9695f6756a21206e9ba93272413d3 08.flac:8b47eddab74c8d2073214c7a5ce91605 09.flac:30b9d9d1753e0437da0b45f1006c2965 10.flac:1f7109612b98313a04340a492b905012 11.flac:d9560a16ff4c166b69643187862e4450 12.flac:f20f96e0374be4fda3f2e4645c7278fd 13.flac:7d05c587903151e6ed79becd2cc998e9