Magic Slim & The Tear Drops
2009-03-06 2nd Set
Chicago, IL
Kingston Mines
Recorded and seeded by ChicagoBlues on 3-19-09

Lineage: SP-CMC-8>SP-Preamp>R-09HR16/44.1>SDHC>HD>CDWAV(splits)>TLH>Flac6
Mics clipped to a hat that was sitting on an empty table. DFC 20 feet from stage.

Another long weekend of recording Magic Slim. I recorded from Audience and SBD sources.
This set came out very nice. Local female blues singer Deb Seitz sat in for 2 songs, Little By Little
and Turtle Blues. Shes got a great voice and Magic enjoyed it. He met her just before this set began.
Jon's slide work was great on Sail On. I am working on a lot more Magic Slim to seed, but I wanted
to get this out there. Enjoy

01 Franks Long Winded Intro of Jon 2:41
02 Aint Got No body 5:18
03 Silence - drum was being fixed :45
04 Sail On 9:24
05 Franks Intro of magic Slim :58
06 Bad Boy 8:40
07 Just Incase We Both Are Wrong 4:25
08 Some Kind of Woman ? 7:09
09 Magic talks about the Blues :31
10 Magic Intros Dar Baby (Deb Seitz) 1:16
11 Little By Little* 4:46
12 Turtle Blues* 6:30
13 Magic Thanks Dar Baby 1:08
14 I Wanna Love You Baby>Hideaway Outro Jam 6:04
15 Franks Outro :46

* W/ Deb Seitz

Do Not sell this ever. Share and trade it freely.
Do not convert to any lossless format.
Do not change any files.
Do not seed to other trackers with out contacting me 1st

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04/01/09 Copenhagen, DEN TBA
04/08/09 Sonderborg, DEN Sonderborghus
04/09/09 Haderslev, DEN Maanen
04/10/09 Frederica, DEN Det Bruunske Pakhus
04/11/09 Copenhagen, DEN Appearing at "Burnley National Blues Festival"
04/12/09 Burnley, United Kingdom Burnley Mechanics
04/14/09 Bronshoj, DEN Pilegarden
04/15/09 Copenhagen DEN Mojo
04/17/09 Naestved, DEN Vershuset
04/18/09 Hileroed, DEN Stoeberihallen
04/22/09 Odense, DEN Jazzhaus Dexter
04/23/09 Hannover, GER Bluesgarage
04/24/09 Warsaw, POL TBA
04/25/09 Chorzow, POL TBA
04/27/09 Paris, FRA Le Meridien Hotel
04/28/09 Paris, FRA Le Meridien Hotel
04/29/09 Paris, FRA Le Meridien Hotel
04/30/09 Paris, FRA Le Meridien Hotel

05/01/09 Paris, FRA Le Meridien Hotel
05/02/09 Paris, FRA Le Meridien Hotel