ORTF Broadcasts, Paris, France 1972-03-13 & 1972-06-16 FM

lineage: low gen cassette > wav > flac

01. Mekanik Kommandoh 05:48
Maison de l'O.R.T.F., Paris, March 13th 1972)

02. Mekanik Kommandoh 10:31
Pantin, Paris Jun2 16th 1972 (Radio France-Inter broadcast 18-06-72)

Vander, Blasquiz, Lambert, Lasry, Cahen, Seffer

Here we have the two available FM tapes from 1972.
Both of them very enjoyable early versions of Mekanik.This is a reseed of an 2009 torrent by OLVATOR. It's been on my drive since dl. Olvator told me that he's not certain about the dates though, if you know more about it, say so.