Magma - Charente 1972-11-xx (aka Soussignac 1972) AUD

Line-up: Christian Vander, Klaus Blasquiz, St�nd�hr, Jean Luc Manderlier, Pierre Lembert

Lineage: master cassette > CDR > flac

Disc 1:
01. Undia
02. Ki Iahl O Liahk
03. Soi Soi
04. Band Introduction - MDK intro

Disc 2:
01. MDK

This tape has circulated among a closed group of Magma collectors for some years now. I think it is time to let it out of the bag. The tape has circulated as "Soussignac 1972" labelled as being from April, but the line-up and setlist clearly points towards this being from November 1972 instead. The show was recorded in the region of Charente, and as the Magma gig history lists a show in Soussignac (which is in the region of Charente) in April, this seems to be why it was considered by some to be from April. Trust your local Magma uploader that this is from November in fact. The exact date and venue have been the topic for speculation but are in the end still not verfied.
The setlist is exceptional, as is the playing. Early Magma like this is hard to find, so here is your chance to hear a live set of one of the best (IMHO) Magma phases and line ups. The band really tears it up on this one, whith long stretched out improvisations. Priceless!

brought to you by olvator 4/2013